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What’s happening at Verona Hair: Apprentice Mens Cuts11012255_10152672780272997_1595369402_n

After spending the last few months pretending the dolly heads were people, Sarah and Kaysie have completed their first training lesson on live models! This is the first stage in cutting with what we like to call a ‘basic cut’ or a ‘short back and sides’. The girls are taught in salon to use the clippers on the back and sides and then they scissor cut to blend the haircut to the top section.

Sarah’s first model was her father, Lee. He said he has patiently waited a whole year to get his first haircut from his daughter! How sweet.

Kaysie’s10966929_10152672780112997_544305350_n model was her daring older brother! Kaysie is the second hairdresser to go through an apprenticeship in her family, so her brother is well used to being used as a cutting model!

Once Sarah and Kaysie have completely mastered the basic styles, they will move onto the more modern style cuts. Over the next few months we will be searching for male victims….oops we mean models for the girls to practise their cutting on. If you or anyone you know fits the criteria of needing a basic cut please give us a call to book your spot. The girls are available on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon. These cuts will be complimentary until such time when the girls are competent and confident enough on the floor.



Product of the month: This is a Volume Boosting Mousse1065_default_l

Creamy mousse with a snow-like texture, compact and light to the touch, with medium hold. This is a great product if you are wanting to add height and hold to your style without using a lot of hairspray. Apply a golf ball sized of the Volume Boosting Mousse to the root of the hair whist wet. You then can either let it naturally dry for a subtle hold or blow-dry the product into the hair.  By blowdrying the hair, you solidify the hold factor, creating more volume and more lift! The more dry the hair is when this product is applied, the stronger and crunchier the effect.




Style Trend: The Flip!

Thank you Lorde and Amber Heard for bringing back this amazing look! The side flip is back in big way and it works with so many different hair lengths!

For Amber’s straighter flip; use your Davines Volume Boosting Mousse, blowdry the front section either side of your natural part, baclordekwards until the root is completely dry, leaving the ends still slightly damp. Then flip hair to desired side. You can also use a little Davines Sea Salt Spray on the still slightly damp ends to create texture after the style is blowdried.

For Lorde’s wilder look; again apply the mousse to the root area and use your Davines Curl Building Serum to wrap around your curls. When the hair is 50% dry use your diffuser to finish. Concentrate on the root area to get as much lift  (without brushing) as possible. Once your hair is dry you may flip and go!