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What our Clients say

I was absolutely thrilled to win the Verona Hair Instagram competition and eagerly awaited my appointment! As a qualified hairdresser I know excellent service when I receive it and even more so, a great stylecut! I was so pleased to receive such a thorough consultation on the style cut as well as my new colour! I could not be happier with my new do! Thank you so much to Danielle and the team at Verona Hair! I will be back!

Becky Truloff

I have always been a person who has constantly moved from hairdresser to hairdresser because I was never happy with my hair, it was never quite what I wanted. That was until I came across Verona Hair! I have never been more happy with the service I have received there! They ALWAYS seem to get what I am after and I never leave feeling unhappy with how my hair looks. There is no place I’d rather go for my hair!

Sarah Haines

I think your salon is absolutely wonderful. It has taken me years to find a hairdresser who made me feel comfortable and who seemed to completely understand what I was wanting! I am so happy to have found you!


Verona Hair is a unique suburban salon that I make an hour round trip just to visit. The service I receive every time is remarkable. No matter which stylist I see I always get the result I am after and I think that comes with, not only skilled stylists but the way the girls communicate with each other during my service. They are always willing to offer advice or lead a hand. This makes being in the salon an incredibly relaxing experience! 10/10 ladies!

Kathy Farthing

I have been visiting Verona Hair for two years and have the lovely owner, Keezia, cut and style my short hair, and she gets it right every time! The warm and friendly service I receive by Keezia and her professional staff starts from the time I enter the salon. It is also the little extras that make this salon extraordinary; the ‘Drinks Menu’, tea served in beautiful tea pots, to the complimentary head massage, and the confirmation of appointment via text messages. Verona Hair consistently goes the extra mile, and delivers. Many thanks and good wishes go to Keezia and her girls.