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Whats Happening at Verona Hair: India-Rose

Verona Hair would like August Newsletter4to offer a warm welcome to our newest member of staff,  India-Rose.

India has joined us after working as a tea & tidy for three years in a family friend’s salon, working after school and weekends. We are proud to say that she has head massages down to a fine art and makes a wicked cappuccino.

We are so pleased to have this lovely young lady on our team, please feel free to introduce yourselves and say hello to Indie on your next visit!







Online Booking Request!August Newsletter1

Keeping up with the technology and our client’s busy schedules, we have set up online booking via our website www.veronahair.com.au and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/veronahairbrisbane

For those unable to rebook their August Newsletternext appointment straight away in salon, this option is definitely for you! Online booking is a g
reat way to book after hours in the comfort of your own home, with your diary in front of you. The selection process is very simple and user friendly; you start by selecting the service you wish to have with whichever stylist you prefer. There then will be a confirmation by our own beautiful salo
n co-ordinator, Lana, where she will contact you (during salon hours) to confirm that your appointment has been processed. The benefit of this is that you can look weeks ahead of schedule to see how many time options you have.

Please note any booking made after 2pm Saturday’s will not be confirmed until the following Tuesday. The best way to ensure you get the time, date and stylist of your choice is to rebook at the end of your appointments! Enjoy.



Product of the August Newsletter2Month:  Frizz Dismiss

“Frizz Dismiss” is Redken’s newest release; it is a combination of the recently discontinued “Smooth Lock” and “Real Control”. This beautiful new product is designed for our guests who have dry, frizzy hair. It is a complete sulphate-free range that offers humidity protection and smoothing. We now have the option of three leave-in treatments for our guests, depending on your hairtype and density. There is even a product for finer hair, because we always know that fine hair still frizzes.





Style Trend:  UNDERCUAugust Newsletter3TS.

This is a brilliant way to red
uce the bulk of hair of those of us, like Annie and Emily, who are blessed with a lot of thick hair. Including an undercut into course, highly dense hair can reduce styling time for our guests at home. They don’t always have to be a fashion statement.
For example; Annie has very thick, curly hair but she loves having a long bob. Without the undercut, it takes forever for Annie to dry off her hair and it sometimes sits bulky at the back near her neck. As Annie is a pretty funky chicken, we decided to apply some hair tattooing techniques into her undercut while we were there. Again, not necessary, but definitely a perk to having a covered undercut.

Emily, however, has her undercut as a fashion statement piece. She finds she always tucks her hair behind her ear anyway. So this is a great way to avoid this habit! By parting in the middle, Emily finds that she can hide her undercut quite easily, just in case she had to meet the queen…or whatever.

So whether it is to remove bulk, or set a trend, undercuts can be for anybody who dares to try them! Ask your stylist if you think you should give it a try.