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Whats Happening at Verona Hair: Pureology


Pureology is our beautiful  100% Vegan and sulphate free hair care range. At Verona Hair, one of our greatest passions is sustainability within the environment. Pureology also shares that ideal, encouraging their consumers about what they can do every day to support sustainability.

Their highly concentrated ZERO sulphate shampoos cleanse gently, without stripping colour. The exclusive ‘Anti-fade complex’ helps colour-treated hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy with every use. It is 100% VEGAN, with dual benefit formulas which provide custom care for every hair type. Last but not least, their packaging is 100% RECYCLABLE, even the lid.

We absolutely can’t wait for you to try our brand new range, come in and see us for your prescription now!



Product of the Pureology_Perfect_4_Platinum_Miracle_Filler_Treatment_145ml_1365678146month – Perfect4Platnium Miracle Filler Treatment

Perfect4Platnium Miracle Filler fills in gaps in fragile, porous hair. This helps give high-lifted or highlighted blondes the soft and shiny “fresh from the salon” feel .

This daily leave in treatment leaves hair 78% stronger after one treatment.

We would recommend pairing with Perfect4Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner for best results.






Happy Birthday Keezia & Lana

Lana and Keezia celebrated their birthdays by having a wee party at the Normanby Hotel with all of their friends. Shannon did Lana’s make up and she looked stunning! Keezia put a gorgeous pink glaze on her blonde hair for the event.

Our gorgeous school-based apprenti11115873_10152808554767997_1330860783_nce Kaysie was very excited to visit her first pub! Her and Sarah had their photo taken by the Normanby’s in-house photographer

Everyone had a great time and a few too many Cosmo’s and Long Island Ice Tea’s!  All in all we had an awesome night.







Style Trend: Silv087d57150ba2eec0bff904bc8b2515e711159558_814904165253411_1550981330033630402_ner Hair

Silver toned hair has made a startling comeback in fashion. P!nk toned her normally bright locks to this stunning silver shade. The girls in the salon have had a blast experimenting with the new REDKEN glazes. With names like “Titanium” “Chrome” and “Iron” we are able to achieve these beautiful glossy ashy tones for our blondes.

On our lovely client Kate, we pre-lightened pieces of her ends and placed a few foils selectively around the face. We then applied a Titanium glaze over her ombre.

The only unenthusiastic thing about the fashion silver colours is that they do rinse out of the hair very quickly, especially if one of our guests are naturally inclined to throw warmth. We recommended Kate to keep her colour up to standard by using our Pureology Perfect4Platinum shampoo and conditioner as an every day, as well as the  Redken Silvercharge purple shampoo once a week to maintain that beautiful silver tone.