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What’s happening at Verona Hair: Welcome back Emily!

After a wonderful two yNovear trip around Europe, Emily is coming back to Australia! Emily left the salon to travel the world on the amazing trip of a lifetime. Keezia was sad to see her go, but very encouraging of her life and travel ambitions. Now Emily is back on home soil and she’s accepted the offer for a position at Verona Hair! (WOOHOO!!)

We said a sad goodbye to Lana last month, only to give a big welcome back to Emily who will be stepping into Lana’s roll as Salon Co-ordinator.

Unfortunately Emily won’t be returning back to Verona Hair as a stylist on the floor. Though, she is looking forward to seeing all of her old clients who she looked after before she left!



Product of the month:

At Verona Hair, we find that the most commonly asked question is “how do I get my hair to look more healthy”. While it is really important to maintain a healthy product regime in between visits, someNov 3times (especially with blondes) the hair can lack shine due to over styling. With Redken, we a solution for those guests that want an express way to make their hair look and feel healthy!

Shine Flash 02 is a fine-mist aerosol spray illuminates hair with brilliant sheen and a silky feel. Weightless formula gives a light, clean application to all hair types. It is a mild control spray that illuminates hair with light-weight sheen and a silky feel. We guarantee that it will provide a perfect finish for any style. The aerosol spray ensures a light, even application which means it’s easy to use!




Style Trend: Hair Tattoosnov 2

According to fashion ma
gazine, Elle, hair tattoos are a thing now.

As we’ve seen in the past year, the metallic flash tattoos became a thing. The original innovative jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos for serious (and not so serious) fashionistas took off.



nov 4

The fashion world as it inevitably does, has now moved onto a bigger (although not intirely dissimilar) network of flash tattooing. As worn by Kylie Jenner, apparently flash tattoos work as well on hair as they do on skin! Though, we think that it helps to have silky-smooth, very glossy, flat hair when you apply them to your hair (using your very own Redken Shine Flash 02). They also wash out as soon as you hit the shower. Being an early adopter of all things fashion, Kylie Jenner is sure to start a new fashion trend!