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What’s happening atOctober Newsletter Verona Hair: Fairwell Lana!

Keezia is home and our beautiful Lana is leaving! An amazing career opportunity has presented itself and Keezia has fully encouraged Lana to take it with both hands. Her last day in the salon is Friday 16th October so if you wish to book your Christmas appointments, give her a call or pop in and say goodbye.

We ask for your patience for the two week window between Lana finishing and our gorgeous new Salon Coordinator starts – keep an eye out for the next newsletter to see if you recognize this familiar face!

Verona Hair wishes Lana the best of luck in her future career, thanks her for all that she has done and a big WE WILL MISS YOU!


Product of the month: OlaplexOctober Newsletter1

Olaplex is changing the way we colour. A two step program added to the lightening agent and glaze actually fuses broken bonds back together! No more flyaway’s. No more hair splitting after a lightening service. The hair repairs as its being broken down by and this makes it stronger, healthier and shinier.

Blondes this is your new best friend, as well as the third step which is a take home treatment which we include in every Olaplex service. The third step basically keeps the hair in the best possible health in between visits. Another amazing thing about Olaplex is that if you decide to stop using it, the hair stays the same. We would still recommend continuing with Olaplex when lightening to ensure your new healthy regrowth never gets damaged!



Style trend: Colour MeltOctober Newsletter3

The ombre and belayage looks are being replaced with an even more subtle version called the Colour Melt. The way a Melt works is blending the highlights and lowlights so closely you can only see the slight differences. This is achieved by using natural colours and keeping close to the guests own shade.

This is a gorgeous melt and colour correction done in salon using the colour melt technique. Perfect for Spring!